We have been actively involved with Linux since 1996 (when it was obscure and difficult to install), to today, when we are taking the leading role in helping huge retail and financial organisations as they migrate from legacy systems to Linux. We have deep and broad knowledge of the entire GNU/Linux system, as well as the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) stack which is used by everyone from small startups to the huge internet sites - Facebook, Google, and all the big internet names use Linux.

Our Linux training sessions cover all levels, from beginner to extremely advanced. This does not mean that we are obscure, obtuse and elitist though - quite the opposite, we have direct understanding of every level of Linux administration, from small 4-person offices, through to 6000-person multi-site organisations, we have provided training for each, and understand the unique needs that each organisation has, be it in services, retail, finance, education, government, telecommunications or manufacturing.

Two Linux training courses are available at the moment:

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