Training - Linux & Solaris

Flexible training offerings are available, tailored to your needs. We ask about where you are coming from, what you want to achieve, what you will be doing after the training, and can suit the training to your needs.

Our teaching methology is based upon teaching principles, showing examples, then teaching the details. This is followed up with exercises which are openly discussed with the class. All exercises are rounded off with a summary of what has been learned - we find that this is the best way of learning any given skill or technique. However, each course is taught on the needs of the student.

Depending on subject, duration, location and so on, most courses can be run for as little as £250 – £350 per person per day - much less than the £400+ you’d pay for a corporate course where you all get is a trainer who has no experience of the actual situation you face at work, and who delivers powerpoint slides to you, then doles out the free mousepads and t-shirts at the end of the course.

The kind of training session we like to provide, involves a fairly small class size (certainly fewer than 6 people), allowing us to focus on your current issues, and tailor the course around the needs, interests and skills of the attendees. The courses are generally between 2 and 5 days, most being 2-3 day courses.

Of course, there are no corners cut – we always insist on great location and facilities, free internet access, PCs for all candidates (preinstalled with Linux, Solaris, *BSD, you name it – contact us before the course and we’ll build the PC to suit you), tons of good quality course notes, including certificates and the obligatory full VAT receipts, of course. We can normally find a few freebies to throw in, too!

The courses currently on offer are:

If you have specific queries or concerns that you would like to be addressed in the course, let us know up-front, and we can find a way to work it in to the course.

Please do get in touch ( and we can design the course around your requirements.